How to: Redeem Code / Check App Store Balance on iOS Device

So you got an iTunes gift card for 20% off or a redemption code for free app or music (sometimes Starbucks offers cards with free apps at the counter). How do use the code on iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch?

How to - redeem iTunes giftcard, check App Store credit

How to Redeem App Store / iTunes gift code:

  1. Open App Store
  2. Go to the “Featured” tab
  3. Scroll all the way down
  4. Tap “Redeem” button

If you got a physical iTunes gift card, you have to first scratch off the small metallic strip to get the code. If you got an electronic code, just copy paste in here. That’s it! For music, you might have to use iTunes App, go to “Music” or “Videos”, and scroll down.

How to check your App Store balance:

  1. Open App Store
  2. Go to one of these tabs: Featured, Categories, Top 25
  3. Scroll all the way down to see your App Store balance

You can also use the iTunes App, go to “Music” or “Videos”, scroll down to see your iTunes balance (which is the same as the App Store balance).

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