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Tuesday, March 4, 2014
By OP Editor

A table with Apple, GENIVI, Microsoft, and Google car support is being passed around as the CarPlay coverage chart. Why is it missing some car manufacturers with CarPlay support? I’ll answer that.

Yesterday, Apple announced iPhone CarPlay and manufacturer support and CarPlay demo video. Some people are passing this low resolution chart as the latest development (originally 420 x 291 pixels, I’ve enhanced it the best I can here):

Apple GENIVI Google Microsoft car integration 2014 January

The chart came from an article from The Guardian published January 6, 2014. The article discusses the new Google Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) introduced that day and compared it to existing players such as Apple, Microsoft, and GENIVI based on open sourced Meego OS which was developed and abandoned by Nokia.

That chart is no longer accurate. There seems to be some changes in Apple car partnerships since then, and Microsoft lost a major partner. Just few weeks ago in February Ford announced dropping Microsoft support and moving to BlackBerry QNX for its new cars (probably due to the fiasco of Microsoft MyFord Touch).

CarPlay Vehicle Device Integration Chart: March 2014

Here’s a new chart I made with the new Apple CarPlay support as of March 2014*.

I’ve labelled car manufacturers not currently listed on Apple CarPlay page but was on the January chart as “Missing,” and new car makers as “New”:

Car coverage Apple CarPlay Google Android GENIVI Microsoft

What does this tell us?

Apple is definitely trying to expand the number of car partners. Apple added 4 manufacturers with CarPlay support: Mitsubishi, Peugeot Citroen, Subaru, and Suzuki. But at this time, 6 manufacturers with previous support are missing: Acura, Audi, Chrysler, GM, Holden, and Infiniti.

Perhaps Apple will finalize the deal with undecided car makers later. But two of those six car makers, GM and Audi, recently announced their involvement in the Google Open Automotive Alliance. I hope they are not going Android only, as it will take them almost a year to bring cars with Android integration to market (expected end of 2014). As to whether Android users will pay extra for the option, we will find out then.

Meanwhile, Apple iPhone users will enjoy continuing manufacturer support for the next generation CarPlay integration, much broader than for Android or Microsoft devices. In addition, iPhone supports connecting to audio systems of most cars without CarPlay mode through Bluetooth.

Know of any other changes? Let me know and I’ll update this chart.
*BlackBerry QNX was not added as there’s little information about it besides it being used as a back-end OS car makers are building upon.


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