Samsung D780 Gold Olympic Edition & E900 vs. Apple gold iPod mini

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
By OP Editor

After Samsung is ridiculed for copying the gold iPhone, shoddy SameSung sheep made some counterpoints in the comments on The Verge.

First, they claimed that the 2007 movie Ocean’s 13 featured a gold Samsung phone. In reality, that device was a movie prop. It was not an actual product.

Eventually, Samsung apologists pointed out some actual products:

- 2008: Samsung D780 Gold Olympic Edition
- 2006: Samsung E900

Well, guess what? In 2004 Apple released the gold iPod mini.

Gold Samsung phone E900 D780 vs gold iPod mini

A decade ago, the Apple iPod was the must have device, contributing Apple’s decade of growth. Surely Samsung doesn’t know anything about it. Nice reflection in the Samsung SGH-D780 image!


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