Amazing music by Speakeasy Electro Swing: Montreal Jazz Festival 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013
By OP Editor

Just saw this great Montreal-based DJ team last night, and I got two videos from my iPhone 4S for you. Go to their midnight show tonight if you’re in the area!

Speakeasy Electro Swing (and their FB page):

“The Speakeasy Electro Swing team was founded in 2010 by DJ’s Eliazar, Don Mescal, and Khalil in Montreal. They have been on the forefront of introducing the Electro Swing sound all across North America, and bring this compilation to help on the journey.”

Their music incorporates some live music such as violin or guitar and occasional performances. The June 29, 2013 videos feature performances by Montreal’s:

Speakeasy Electro Swing - Montreal Jazz Festival 2013

Speakeasy Electro Swing is again performing tonight at the Montreal Jazz Festival:

Sunday June 30, 2013
11:59PM (midnight) at L’astral
305 Sainte-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H2X 2A3 ‎

Speakeasy Electro Swing

I’m excited because they said it’ll be different set. If you are in Montreal go to the show because their next performance is almost three months away on September 20:

Speakeasy Electro Swing 2013 schedule

Download Speakeasy Electro Swing music

You can download Speakeasy Electro Swing music on sound cloud account Eliazar for free. It actually costs them money for every free download. To prevent them from going broke giving away free music, I would suggest make a donation to the group on their website.


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