WWDC 2013 tickets sold out in 2 minutes

Thursday, April 25, 2013
By OP Editor

Even with Apple limiting World Wide Developer Conference tickets to one per person, and at a price of $1,599 each, the ticket sold out in record time.

Apple World Wide Developer Conference sold out

The 2013 WWDC tickets went on sale around 1:15 eastern (10:15 PDT), and they are gone in a flash. Reports are that the tickets sold out in under 2 minutes. Some say it sold out in 90 seconds, some say it sold out after 100 seconds.

Here’s a history of WWDC ticket availability. From the look of it, if interest grows at the same rate, Apple will sell out 2014 tickets in about two seconds.

  • 2008 WWDC: sold out in 2 months
  • 2009 WWDC: sold out in 1 month
  • 2010 WWDC: sold out in 1 week
  • 2011 WWDC: sold out in 12 hours
  • 2012 WWDC: sold out in 2 hours
  • 2013 WWDC: sold out in 2 minutes

Perhaps a better way for Apple is to implement a lottery system for the 2014 WWDC tickets?

For the developers who can’t attend, Apple will post session videos.


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