EFF: Google Android Play Store ad blocker censorship

Friday, March 15, 2013
By OP Editor

Android is open! Google removed ad blockers from Play Store.

Android terminator Google Play Store censorship

Previously, Google tried to restrict the usefulness of ad-blockers by limiting effectiveness of the plugins unless users root their devices. Now, Google resorts to censorship.

Even though the plugin only blocks a fraction of Google’s Adsense ads by default, Google banned the software from its “open” Android market, the Google Play Store.

Electronic Frontier Foundation, Google Takes the Dark Path, Censors AdBlock Plus on Android:

“In a shocking move, Google has recently deleted AdBlock Plus from the Android Play Store. This is hugely disappointing because it demonstrates that Google is willing to censor software and abandon its support for open platforms as soon as there’s an ad-related business reason for doing so.”

Side effects of pulling ad blockers is that casual Android users are now denied straightforward protection from non-consensual third party tracking.

At least Android is still open to telecoms installing crapware, obnoxious advertising using pop ups & notifications, and Android malware.


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