Malware Android apps from Google Play infects Windows PCs: #thenextbigthing

Monday, February 4, 2013
By OP Editor

Another Android malware hits Google Play, this version can even infect a PC to record its user.

SuperClean Google Play malware spyware

Malware looks to be #thenextbigthing on the Android platform, since most devices lack the latest security updates, as most users are unable to update their device firmware to the latest firmware. Here’s another malware not only infects the Android phone but also infects a Windows computer.

The Next Web via @counternotions:

“Kaspersky researchers have discovered a new piece of Android malware that masquerades as a ‘cleaner’ app meant to free memory for Google’s operating system but wreaks havoc on your smartphone in the background and on Microsoft’s operating system when it’s connected to a PC.”

Found so far in two Google Play apps: SuperClean and DroidCleaner, Kaspersky documents that the Android malware has “extensive capabilities”. Including:

  • Reading user files, uploading to master’s servers
  • Sending SMS messages and opening arbitrary links
  • Writes malware on SD card that can infect Windows computers

Android malware is not new, but getting more sophisticated all the time even with exponential growth of discovery.


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