AT&T: iPhone 84% of 2012 Q4 smartphone activations

Saturday, February 16, 2013
By OP Editor

At United States’ second largest provider of mobile phone services, iPhone continues to dominate Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

AT&T iPhone Android smartphone sales 2012 Q4

AT&T fourth quarter 2012 financial report:

“Record smartphone sales of 10.2 million, the most ever sold by any U.S. carrier; postpaid smartphone customer base now 47.1 million, up 2.5 million from third-quarter 2012…

In the quarter, the company activated a record 8.6 million iPhones, with 16 percent new to AT&T. The company also had its best-ever sales quarter for Android smartphones.”

The exact numbers:

  • 84% or 8.6 million Apple iPhone sold
  • 16% or 1.6 million combined Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone sold (and that’s the best quarter ever for Android!)

AT&T also reported that “Smartphones 89 percent of postpaid phone sales”. What does it mean? I see that in the mature market, where most people were able to try out an Android phone for at least 1 contract cycle, people choose the iPhone.

iPhone continues to be a success at the largest carrier in the US; here is Verizon’s 2012 Q4 smartphone activations.


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