Nokia Faked Lumia 920 Photos & Video

Friday, September 7, 2012
By OP Editor

Microsoft partner Nokia touts the capabilities of its new Windows 8 Phone. Too bad it got caught faking the video and photos.

Nokia faked Lumia 920 video

Bits blog, New York Times:

“On Wednesday Nokia showed its new Lumia 920 smartphone with PureView camera technology, which is supposed to shoot exceptionally clear photos and video. To help explain the feature, the company posted a video demonstrating the Lumia’s optical image stabilization, a feature that reduces blur and camera shake in images and makes them look better in low light.

Too bad that the video wasn’t even shot with a Lumia phone. In the video, a reflection can be seen of a cameraman holding a camera that is clearly not a smartphone. […]

The company has since amended the videos to include a disclaimer.”

Here’s the video of the Nokia Lumia 920 Camera:

Wait, that’s not all. It turned out that Nokia faked the Lumia 920 camera photos on its website too. Surely they are confidence in their own technology. At least Windows 8 has a great design.


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