Verdict: Samsung Guilty of Copying Apple, Owes $1.05 Billion [SameSung]

Sunday, August 26, 2012
By OP Editor

Apple scored major win vs. Samsung’s slavish copying of iPhone and iPad.

Samsung phone before after Apple iPhone

The Verge on the verdict:

“After a surprisingly short time in deliberations, the jury in the Apple v. Samsung case reached a verdict today. The nine jurors decided unanimously that Samsung had infringed on Apple’s intellectual property, and while Cupertino won’t be getting the more than $2.5 billion it asked for, it will be getting at least $1,049,343,540.”


  • Samsung violated most of Apple patents, including bounce back
  • All Apple patents are valid
  • Apple devices do not violate Samsung’s standards-essential patents. Because Apple part supplier Intel already licensed it from Samsung, it cannot double charge Apple
  • The jury found willful infringement by Samsung, which could potentially triple the damages to over $3 billion dollars

So, what’s next? Apple will likely ask for injunction, and a hearing is scheduled for September 20th.

This case doesn’t consider Samsung’s iPod touch knockoff, Mac Mini knockoff, and Genius Bar trademark knockoff.

PSA: Are Samsung phones equivalent to the Apple iPhone? Nope, Samsung already removed some infringing features such as bounce-back from its latest phones. The product quality are also reflected in customer satisfaction ranking of iPhone and smart phones.

Image by All Things D.


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2 Responses to “Verdict: Samsung Guilty of Copying Apple, Owes $1.05 Billion [SameSung]”

  1. Don

    I hope Google’s Android is the next hit.

  2. Charuka

    Good job. Samsung sux


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