How to: email / delete multiple photos from iPad & iPhone

Saturday, August 4, 2012
By OP Editor

Here’s a guide to share not just one but multiple photos from the Apple iPad. You can also use this method to delete multiple photos from iPad camera roll. On the iPhone, just look for the same button icons as shown.

iPad Photos

Open “Photos” app. Optionally, form the “Camera” app: tap (A) thumbnail, and then (B) Camera Roll for the multiple photos view:

iPad go to camera roll

1. Tap the arrow button:

1 iPad photo share

2. Tap on a photo to select. (Tap a photo again to deselect). You can select multiple photos, there might be a limit but I stopped counting after 51.

2 iPad select multiple photos

3. Tap “Share” and tap “Email”. (Instead of sharing photos, you can delete multiple photos from iPad by using the “Delete” button)

3 iPad email delete multiple photos

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