Microsoft Surface Tablet vs. Apple iPad Keynote [video]

Thursday, June 21, 2012
By OP Editor

Did the latest Microsoft Surface tablet copy Apple’s iPad keynote? Here’s a comparison video.

Microsoft Surface tablet vs Apple iPad

Video: Comparing Surface Tablet with iPad

Great video created by Read Write Web. Illustration by ObamaPacman, made using parts of the video.

Surely Microsoft did not copy Apple. Some major differences:

  • Microsoft Surface tablet crashed upon first demo, while the presenter read “I can browse smoothly” off the teleprompter, both Internet Explorer and the tablet’s Windows home button stopped responding. At least the crashes are consistent with the Microsoft MyFord Touch
  • Surface has heat vents, iPad doesn’t need them
  • No battery life numbers, iPad has 10 hour battery
  • Apple announces price and ship date, Surface kept it vague

The video should have added comparison of:


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