Google Pulls a Microsoft: Announced 3D Maps with No Release Date

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
By OP Editor

Today, the Mountain View company demos it can copy the Microsoft vaporware / future-ware strategy.

Google Earth 3D Maps iPad demo

Shortly before Apple introduced its long rumored iPad, and after it was discovered that Apple might own “iSlate” domain name, Microsoft introduced the HP Slate at CES. No concrete release date was announced for the tablet at the time. The HP Slate eventually came to the market late, under polished, and overpriced; it was no iPad competition.

Today, in its hour long presentations to the press, Google spent only the last few minutes showing its “next dimension” 3D maps. There is no release date except for the vague “coming soon” slide. Apple is expected to demo iOS 6 with Apple’s own 3D maps next Monday. Coincidence?

And the funniest thing is that Google demoed it with an iPad. Perhaps there is a problem when Google can’t even demonstrate a technology using their own in house “open” Android platform.

Video: 2012 Google 3D Maps vs. 2011 C3 iPad 3D Map Demo

Google June 6, 2012 “Next Dimension of Google Maps” demo with iPad starts around 44 minutes:

Here’s a video of Photorealistic 3D Mapping on an iPad from February 2011:


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2 Responses to “Google Pulls a Microsoft: Announced 3D Maps with No Release Date”

  1. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if Google’s 3D maps violate C3’s, now Apple’s, patented tecnology. Google has shown total and complete disregards to other people’s patents, so I have the sneaky little feeling that this might be the case here as well. Besides, I’ve noticed that Apple’s 3D maps seem to be sharper, clearer and you can actually zoom to within a few centimeters of things. Funny too, Google didn’t bother to show any real, real close ups, at least if they did, than I missed them!

    • Agree. It’s funny to see the 1.5 year old demo of Apple’s C3 technology looks better than Google map team’s basement conference room demo.

      Apple is going to blow this away next week.


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