Drop Test: Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S. The Winner?

Monday, June 4, 2012
By Don Williams

The above video, done by AndroidAuthority, shows Samsung’s premier phone, its Galaxy S III, being bested by the iPhone 4S in a drop test. The video shows the Samsung Galaxy S III kicked the bucket while its chief competitor, the 4S, end-up looking rather beaten up, but still kicking!

Well, in the end Android Authority didn’t exactly come out and say that the iPhone was a superior or better quality phone, rather instead they simply asked their readers if they still thought that the Galaxy was the better phone. Kind of a cop-out, but not a complete cop-out. They could have simply not posted the video, but thankfully they did. Bravo on their part. May the better phone win!

Samsung Galaxy S3 screen cracked drop test damage

Editor’s note: no wonder why customer satisfaction of Samsung is down. Here’s the summary of the Android Authority drop test:

  • Back drop
    • iPhone 4S: minimal damage
    • Samsung S3: minimal damage
  • Side drop
    • iPhone 4S: minimal damage
    • Samsung S3: screen cracked
  • Front drop
    • iPhone 4S: glass broke but “this touchscreen still works”
    • Samsung S3: “less cracked but touchscreen stopped working

[via gizmodo]


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2 Responses to “Drop Test: Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S. The Winner?”

  1. Ed Samano

    Why would you even do that? Do you realize how expensive those two phones are? More so the S3. And I would even compare the iPhone 4S to the Galaxy S3 cause the Galaxy is way better. What did you do with the phones?

  2. Eva

    This is dumb. Phones aren’t made to be dropped.. and if you are that clumsy you deserve it.


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