Samsung Chromebox Didn’t Copy the Mac Mini [SameSung]

Saturday, June 9, 2012
By OP Editor

Surely there some differences between the SameSung Chromebox and the Mac Mini?

Mac Mini vs SameSung Knockoff

Dustin Curtis believes it’s just a coincidence. ObamaPacman presents a major difference:

Apple’s Mac Mini circular bottom cover unscrews to allow access to the RAM, while Samsung’s circle is just a superficial knockoff without function. Some other differences we noticed by reading a cnet review:

Webcam compatibility:

  • Samsung Chromebox: “does not currently support USB-based microphones, which made for some silent video chats (sorry, “Hang-Outs”).”
  • Mac Mini: plug and play

Printer compatibility:

  • Samsung Chromebox: difficult to find drivers
  • Mac Mini: plug and play

RAM upgrade:

Oh, and don’t forget about the lame pc tag on the Samsung (image cnet):

Mac Mini vs Samsung Chromebox bottom

The required tag on Mac mini is unobtrusively printed on the aluminum (image ifixit).

Previously: Samsung copies iPod touch, copies App Store icon, etc.


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