2012 MacBook Air Has Quiet Asymmetrical Fans

Thursday, June 14, 2012
By OP Editor

Apple announced that the 2012 Retina display MacBook Pro has asymmetrical fans, but there is good news for those looking to buy the new MacBook Air.

2012 MacBook Air asymmetrical fan

iFixIt teardown of the 2012 MacBook Air confirms that its fan is the new asymmetrical design, just like the Retina MBP:

“We were hoping to find a new asymmetrical fan, and we were not disappointed!

The wider gaps in the fan blades are around 3.6 mm, while the narrower ones are approximately 2.8 mm.”

Other new features include new microphone for voice dictation.

What about upgradability of the 2012 MacBook Air?

  • RAM, like the previous generations, are not upgradeable to keep the new MBA thin.
  • SSD is removable but uses different connector than previous generation. That means it’s not upgradeable right now but third parties might sell compatible SSD in a few months.
  • The case uses proprietary screws that require a certain pentalobe screwdriver, which they sell.

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One Response to “2012 MacBook Air Has Quiet Asymmetrical Fans”

  1. The new fan design ain’t helping much.


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