Samsung Samsung Galaxy S 3 “S Voice” Copied Siri

Thursday, May 3, 2012
By OP Editor

New Samsung S III phone shamelessly ripped off the highly popularized iPhone feature, Siri.

Apple iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy S 3

Today, Samsung introduced their new Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S III. It has “S Voice”, which somehow looks similar to Siri from the iPhone 4S. Must be a coincidence.

Image tweeted by Mac user @sdw Sebastiaan de With, Chief Creative Officer at @doubleTwist. Via Cult of Mac.

Apparently Samsung’s VP of design has the easiest job in the world. Surely Samsung did not copy Apple.


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2 Responses to “Samsung Samsung Galaxy S 3 “S Voice” Copied Siri”

  1. I’m getting sick of Samsung’s sick reasoning for copying every nuance of Apple’s features and designs!


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