Microsoft Windows 8 copies AOL 1996 Design

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
By OP Editor

It only took Microsoft 16 years to copy AOL design.

AOL 1996 vs. Microsoft Windows 8

AOL 1996 = Windows 8 2012

No wonder even Window XP user dislike Windows 8, which is expected to be released later this year, similar to Blackberry 10.

Image via @notcom.

ObamaPacman enhancements:
1. Slight enlargement
2. Restored border. Removed failblog watermark from image. The watermark covered some of the image border (that means they did not make the image), and their post contained no credit.


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5 Responses to “Microsoft Windows 8 copies AOL 1996 Design”

  1. polpol

    Someone will have to explain me why you have an image anti-leech system intercepting *your own* website…

    • Hi polpol, did you remember where you saw it? Sometimes when the server is overloaded with traffic it happens, but a refresh typically fixes it.

  2. ibnsyed6

    I’m running windows 8 right now

  3. Anonymous

    Ha! No wonder a three-year-old can operate Windows 8 just fine — it looks a whole lot like AOL’s ‘Kids Only’ program!


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