Hunt for the True Hipster Definition [video]

Friday, May 18, 2012
By OP Editor

HIPSTERS! OMG what does it mean? French Mac user goes to New York’s hipster central to discover the true definition.


Video: The Hipster Hunt

Lorena goes on a hunt for the meaning of hipster in New York. Featuring:

  • Hipster central Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York
  • People on the street
  • Mariah Summers, journalist and blogger of Accidental Hipster on tumblr
  • History of hipsters from David Hajdu, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
  • Most misguided definition of a hipster

The Hipster Hunt video by Joneo19 on Youtube:

“When Lorena arrived to New York City from France last August, she’d never heard of hipsters. And when she asked, she got vague, often contradictory responses.[…]

In this piece, she invites viewers along for the journey as she hunts for the meaning of the term ‘hipster.’”

Lorena Hipster Definition Hunt

Cameo includes two iMacs, a MacBook Pro, and people who may or may not be hipsters. Hum, no hipster iPad bicycle?


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One Response to “Hunt for the True Hipster Definition [video]”

  1. Master Supreme Trendmister extraordinaire is “very insulted” when she implies he might be a Hipster … Too funny! It’s not, like, she said he was a Douchbag.


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