Animated GIF Maker, GIF SHOP for iPhone [free download]

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
By OP Editor

Take a few photos on iPhone and easily make them into an animate GIF with this app.

Make Animated GIF iPhone GIF SHOP

GIF SHOP app for iPhone and iPod touch is a free download this week. Features:

  • supports many frames (they recommend keeping under 150 frames, which results in huge 3-4 MB file)
  • two export sizes (300px and 500px)
  • loop modes: normal or back and forth
  • optional free GIF SHOP account to host images online
  • front and back cameras
  • save original captures for later editing

On the developer’s to do list:

  • Camera Roll import
  • Export animated .gif to Camera Roll
  • Auto timer for time-lapse animations

The app was last updated July of 2011, so don’t hold your breath about possible updates. Now, if someone makes an app that makes “moving pictures” for the iPhone.


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