Forklift: Dual Pane Mac File Manager + FTP Client [$0.99 Sale]

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
By OP Editor

Fully featured app is $29 off today only on the Mac App Store. For 10.7 Lion.

Queued file transfer ForkLift Mac app

ForkLift by BinaryNights is a file manager and FTP / SFTP client for OS X. It also contains other features such as “Batch Rename, App Deleter, Archive creation & management, powerful Folder Sync, and the ability to Split and Combine large files are all at your fingertips.”

File syncing ForkLift Mac Finder SFTP app

App features:

  • Dual-pane, tabbed file management
  • Connect to a remote or shared volume using FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, iDisk, SMB, AFP, NIS
  • tacks: virtual containers for working with many disparate files across volumes
  • Workspaces: save a snapshot of your current directories and connections
  • Folder Sync: keep two folders in sync with granular control including powerful RegExp rules
  • Synclets: save any sync setup as a stand-alone app for one-button instant updating from your dock or as a cronjob
  • Remote Edit files with the editors of your choice, configurable based on file extensions
  • Transfer Queue: manage copy operations with global conflict management and file reordering
  • Favorites Manager: organize large numbers of connections with ease
  • Multi-Rename files with sequencing, add/replace text, RegExp, and metadata support
  • Archive creation and management using the Unarchiver framework
  • Powerful RegExp-enabled Search, Filter and Select files on any volume
  • App Deleter that automatically finds and deletes related app preferences and plists
  • Split and combine large files
  • Columns, List, Icon and Cover Flow views with full Quick Look support
  • Full keyboard support with configurable shortcuts

Getting this to try it out. Review coming later on

ForkLift Mac file manager FTP client


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