British Parliament Buys 650 iPads for All Members

Monday, May 7, 2012
By OP Editor

All 650 British members of parliament (MP) are getting an iPad to replace their computer.

British Parliament iPad

The iPad trials have been underway since 2011, and recently, the House of Commons administration committee recommended the “rapid rollout of suitable mobile tablet hardware to all 650 MPs.” And by tablet they meant iPad.

The iPads are expected to cost £260,000 to £429,000. However, 300 members of the parliament who are not on a select committee will be asked to return an old computer to replace obsolete equipment used by the staff. That is expected to save £150,000 from the iPad bill.

The estimated saving doesn’t factor in other benefits of iPad: “reduce paperwork, save money, and would make MPs’ duties easier to perform.”

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[Tech Week Europe via Mactrast] Image by maurice db


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6 Responses to “British Parliament Buys 650 iPads for All Members”

  1. ZeLa

    In German Parliament, the Bundestag, the iPad is a standard accessory for almost all congressmen and women for several years now. There has not been an official order but the administration of the Bundestag reimburses costs of all means of communication.
    Chancellor Merkel has been one of the first after receiving one as a gift from former US governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    • Thanks Zela.

      That reminded me to link to the 2010 article “German Parliament replaces paper with iPad”, which gave the green light to use iPad in the Parliament.

      Will do more research on what you wrote.

    • friendly

      “A standard accessory for almost all congressmen for several years now”

      Wow- pretty amazing for a 2 year old device…

  2. Bulgaria’s ruling party GERB bought 130 iPads for its ministers and representatives back in 2011.


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