Mac Artist Dawn Kasper as Whitney Museum Biennial Installation

Friday, April 27, 2012
By OP Editor

Live NYC museum installation where you can trade dinners for drawings.

Dawn Kasper Mac laptop

NY TimesPlease, Don’t Feed the Artist“:

“In late February, Ms. Kasper, a Los Angeles performance artist, moved herself and the entire contents of her apartment-slash-studio into the Whitney, where it and she will remain for the duration of the show (it closes May 27), in a kind of living sculpture she calls the Nomadic Studio Practice.”

Dawn Kasper Whitney Museum Biennial Installation 2012

The piece is an example of where contemporary art comes from. Ms. Kasper:

“My activity in this context on a daily basis is making the contents of my material possessions a sculptural installation.”

Besides Dawn Kasper making of art, and occasionally carrying out modern performance art, there is also some drama at the museum:

  • Cranky patron on Fridays
  • Rage from ex GF
  • David Bowie incident where she offended the rock star

NY Times has a long article about the exhibit. Those in New York City can see it at Whitney Museum of American Art. The Whitney Biennial 2012 exhibit is on display from March 1 – May 27. General admission is $18.

[via Book of Joe]


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