iPhone 78% AT&T Smartphone Sales (vs. Android etc 22%)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
By OP Editor

Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia Windows Phone are surely winning!

Apple iPhone 4S

AT&T announces quarterly result for 2012 Q1:

  • Smartphone sales of 5.5 million
  • Activated 4.3 million iPhones, with 21 percent new to AT&T
  • Smartphones represented more than 78 percent of postpaid device sales

That means their smartphone sold:

  • 78% iPhone = 4.3 million / 5.5 million
  • 22% Android + BlackBerry + Windows phones

In addition, the Apple iPhone is now 61% of all smart and dumbphones sold on AT&T.

Some clueless publication calls it “iPhone activations drop 43% at AT&T”, ignoring the fact that last quarter was the holiday quarter, thus all product sales are down this quarter.

In the previous quarter 80% smartphone sold on AT&T were iPhones. In the most recent quarter, over half Verizon smartphone sold are iPhones.


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