How an iPad is Made + Tested at Foxconn [video]

Thursday, April 12, 2012
By OP Editor

Rob Schmitz, the reporter who ousted Mike Daisey’s lies, was invited to Foxconn last week. Here’s his video.

iPad display testing

Video: Foxconn iPad Assembly Line at Shenzhen “Apple Economy” published a video of what it saw at the Shenzhen China Foxconn factory in this two minute 35 second video:

  • Foxconn workers at the gate
  • People and the machines of the Foxconn iPad factory
  • How iPad is made and tested: assembly of iPad motherboard, battery, gyro testing rig, and display testing
  • Migrants from the countryside who line up for Foxconn work
  • Soccer field with giant TV, running track, and outdoor seating

The video is the second ever video view inside Foxconn. First was Nightline.


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