Apple iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Camera Quality Comparison

Tuesday, April 3, 2012
By OP Editor

Apple iPhone versus the newer flagship Android phone.

iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy Nexus camera phone photo quality

After its iOS only release in 2010, Instagram was finally released for Android today. Now, we can see how much better Android phones are in terms of photography!

Instagram photos by John Gruber:

“Same scene, same filter (Amaro), taken side-by-side with Instagram using an iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus.”

Some Android apologists said, not fair because you are comparing the 8MP iPhone 4S camera against a 5MP camera! But let’s look at the release date:

The Galaxy Nexus is newer and supposed to be “better”. But in reality, even photos from the 2010 iPhone 4 camera still look better than the new flagship Android phone.

iPhone users totally got Samsunged!


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