Windows XP User Tries Windows 8 vs. Mac OS X [videos]

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
By OP Editor

One computer operating system is intuitive, while the other is alien to a Windows user.

how real people will use Windows 8, Chris Pirillo dad

Chris Pirillo’s dad is an XP user. He has never used Mac OS X or Windows 8 before. These videos answer the question: is it easier for Windows user to switch to new Windows 8 Metro or Mac OS X?

Video: How Real People Will Use Windows 8 Tiles

See a Windows XP user (aka computer illiterate user) gets really frustrated with bulky button phone inspired Windows 8.

It appears that that Microsoft’s new Windows 8 could be the next Windows Vista. The video has a great conclusion toward the last 10 seconds.

Video: Windows User Tries Mac OS X

Although he has problem differentiate a browser and “the Google”, this computer novice finds Mac OS X intuitive to use. In his short experience with OS X, he finds: “From what I am seeing, Mac is doing a better job with consistency”. He is also interested in learning the Apple OS.

But isn’t Apple computers overpriced? Well, for one, PC makers can’t make ultrabook (MaBook Air knockoff) cheap enough to compete with Apple. In addition, Apple is number one tech company in the world because some people including the HP Chairman rather not pay the overpriced Windows frustration tax.

[via Daring Fireball]


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