RIM Unveils New BlackBerry Logo

Friday, March 30, 2012
By OP Editor

After dismissing the Apple iPhone for 5 years, BlackBerry is ready for a change in corporate branding.

RIM BlackBerry Logo 2012

What happens if you change RIM’s direction 90 degrees? A designer would know.

The graphic tweeted by Robert Padbury, a designer who works at Apple, @padbury (via @chronic):

Blackberry logo updated to better reflect the future of the company: yfrog.com/h2akiehj

Nice tombstones. It tells a better story than the BlackBerry BeBold cartoon characters.

RIM’s Death Spiral

This week, RIM revealed its fourth quarter financial train wreck:

  • BlackBerry smartphone shipments down 21% from Q3
  • Revenue down 25% YOY
  • Former Co-CEO Jim Balsillie resigned as Director of the Board
  • CTO and COO also left RIM

Hopefully this will slow down RIM’s amateur hour. But John Gruber noted in the RIM average selling price article:

“When unit sales and average selling price are both dropping, that’s a death spiral.”


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