Microsoft Fights Windows PC Botnets In Court

Monday, March 26, 2012
By OP Editor

On Friday, Microsoft shut down the servers of Zeus botnet with a court order.

Windows Broken

New York Times reports Microsoft’s fight against the Windows only Zeus botnet malware:

“Microsoft said that the Zeus botnets had enabled the theft of more than $100 million from victims since 2007 and that 13 million computers were infected with some form of software associated with it.”

Creator of Zeus botnet offered its code for sale from $700 to $15,000 depending on customization. Due to the number of varients, it was difficult for Microsoft security to combat. With a warrant from a federal judge, Microsoft was able to shut down U.S. based servers sending commands to the botnet. Microsoft also seized hundred of domain names supposedly used by the botnet.

Microsoft fights the problem not by increasing Windows security, but by filing civil lawsuits. So, what happens if the malware creators move their servers overseas?

Maybe Microsoft needs to sue its iPad copying department so it can get some results better than the Microsoft designed MyFord touch touchscreen car console?


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