Mac FAIL! TED Speech Pranked with Spinning Beach Ball of Death

Sunday, March 11, 2012
By OP Editor

Real world footage of Mac fail in front of 1500 audience TED conference keynote!

Mac crash fail TED

Video: TED Spinning Beach Ball of Death Speech

Well, it turned out that Mac crash is so rare:

  • they had to hire an animator to fake it!
  • they commemorated with performers wearing rainbow wigs firing rainbow streamers with handheld cannons, plus performers dressed head-to-toe in full-body colored morph suits

Created by Improv Everywhere (whole story there) for 2012 TED conference. They’ve previously made: “gotta share” surprise musical.


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2 Responses to “Mac FAIL! TED Speech Pranked with Spinning Beach Ball of Death”

  1. Spoof sponsored by….. Microsoft!


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