How to Hold an iPad: Consumer Reports vs. Real Person

Monday, March 26, 2012
By OP Editor

Paul Reynolds, Consumer Reports electronics editor, said the new iPad 3 gets uncomfortably hot. Perhaps this is how he tests the iPad.

iPad 3 #Warmgate

Last night, I played Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy [$4.99 Universal], a great fight airplane game with Retina Display 3d graphics designed for the new iPad 3. The game was so engrossing I played for a few hours straight, beating it and played a number of online multi-player matches..

It’s a demanding use of the iPad, and the iPad 3 was not “uncomfortably hot” or “very warm”. Actually, my iPad 3 was not even noticeably warm.

Note how I hold my iPad 3. Judging from the Consumer Reports’ “iPod 3 hotter” thermal image, I also simulated Paul Reynolds’ hot new way of holding the new iPad.

How Consumer Reports Holds an iPad 3

It looks like the ministry of silly iPad holds and sensationalism gate has a grant for him.

Consumer Reports iPad 3 Hot Warmgate

No wonder Consumer Reports’ own press release contradicted what Paul Reynolds said. (We got a great video coming up, stay tuned on !)


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4 Responses to “How to Hold an iPad: Consumer Reports vs. Real Person”

  1. Jared

    I agree that #warmgate is far overblown, but in the interest of fairness, your criticism fails to take into consideration that Paul Reynolds is more than likely holding his iPad in portrait mode, whereby he would then have his left hand directly over the hot spot quite a bit.

    • Hi Jared, thanks for writing. Please note Infinity Blade 2, the game Consumer Reports used to test is played in landscape mode as shown above.

      In fact, most demanding games are played that way.

      Our favorite non-landscape game is Cut the Rope, but it doesn’t use 3D rendering. The iPad doesn’t even get warm when playing that.

  2. al

    Perhaps he was holding it upside down? Maybe he’s left handed, and prefers the button on the right?

    Or maybe he just rotated it so he could feel the hot spot?


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