iPad 3 Hot! Wait, It’s Only Warmer: Consumer Reports CNBC Video Summary

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
By OP Editor

See how many times Consumer Reports’ Paul Reynolds said iPad 3 is hot on national TV… and then flip flops.

Paul Reynolds Consumer Reports iPad 3 Hotter

Video: iPad 3 Hot – Consumer Reports CNBC

Highlights of the Consumer Reports’ “iPad 3 uncomfortably hot” announcement on CNBC. No portion of the video was duplicated:

  • “Hot enough to be uncomfortable”
  • “Hotter on the hot side, hotter…” (Yes, Reynolds used variation of ‘hot’ 3 times in one sentence)
  • At one point, CNBC displayed graphic “iPad too hot to handle”
  • After saying hot / hotter 7 times, Reynolds made a flip-flop and said “warmer” 4 times, the final time he just had to point out that the new iPad is “warmer”
  • What about the safety of the hot / warmer new iPad? “Not temperatures that are likely to cause any harm.”

Here’s the full 6 minute video from CNBC, aired on March 21, 2012:

Yellow journalism or just copying Mike Daisey?

We can only imagine how Consumer Reports tested iPad 3.


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