Beautifully Complex Looking Old Tech Compared To The iPad

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
By Don Williams

German Hamann 505 mechanical calculator photo by Kevin Twomey

Newer and more modern devices are planned to make things a lot simpler to build, use and repair. However, apparently that wasn’t quite the case back in the old days as you can see in the above photo of this fantastically complex looking German Hamann 505 mechanical calculator from the 1960s.

Wow, now that is one hell-of-a-complex looking device regardless of what anybody says. Why, it looks like it is made up of a billion, trillion, zillion different parts that were all thrown and slapped haphazardly together. Man, those Germans are a clever lot and just looking at their amazingly complex machine above, which by the way cost a whopping $1,000 back in its day, makes me virtually squirm with the very thought of all those big brains who actually designed and built this thing. And remember: a thousand bucks back then was like a whopping $7,000 or so in today’s dollars!

iPad 3 2012

Compared to the much fewer and much simpler iPad parts seen in the photo above by iFixit, the older tech looks a hell-of-a-lot more complex to build, run, and maintain than that of today’s iPad. Both photos clearly show and demonstrate the tremendous progress made over the years and just how far we have come when it comes in tech. Besides the photos above, you can check out even more photos of old and very complex looking devices at the site of photographer Kevin Twomey.

[Dvice (inspired by Fast Co Design article) via Gizmodo]


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