Apple Starts Shipping New iPad 3 From China

Friday, March 9, 2012
By OP Editor

I just got an email from Apple. Subject: One of your items has shipped.

New 2012 iPad shipped from China UPS tracking

OMG, my new iPad 3 shipped!

It is currently at Export Processing Zone (EPZ), China, the order is scheduled to be delivered on Friday March 16. Hopefully it will get delivered to a business address quicker.

Do you think my choice of engraving has anything to do with it?
Hint: stay hungry, stay foolish.

iPad 3 order shipped

It is not shipping from the US, so last week’s rumored Apple shipment might be for Apple Store / channel inventory. My 3rd gen Apple TV order appears to be not ready yet.

Those in the US can still pre-order the new Retina display iPad for March 16 delivery.


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