Security: Google Wallet Hacked, PINs Exposed

Thursday, February 9, 2012
By Don Williams

It’s probably safe to say that Apple doesn’t trust Google in any way, shape or form, and now, as you can see with the video above, we the consumers probably shouldn’t be trusting them either, at least as far as Google Wallet goes.

Google Wallet Cracker

As the video demonstrates, cracking Google Wallet’s security with ‘brute-force’ PIN attacks is relatively quick and easy. Apparently, by using Google’s open resources it was no big deal for security hounds to crack Google Wallet, and, according to Engadget, even though Google has been receptive to the problem it still is at a lost to find a fix. Part of the problem lies outside of its control, but rather in the hands of the banks. However, even though I’m sure that they will eventually fine a solution, in the mean time, however, I personally wouldn’t feel all that safe using Google Wallet until they do. Maybe I’m being just a little bit paranoid, but I rather be paranoid and safe rather than scammed out of my money and a lot poorer.

Of course, the concept of an electronic wallet is absolutely a great concept, and one that Apple has already shown a similar interest in, but as with anything there are usually risks associated, so tread carefully I say. According to Zvelo, the security hounds who discovered the problem with Google Wallet, in the meantime if you wish to continue to use it than you probably should take the following measures to help protect yourself:

  • refrain from rooting your phone
  • enable your lock screen
  • disable USB debugging
  • enable Full Disk Encryption and, for heaven’s sake, please, what ever you do… keep your bloody handset up-to-date (it’s surely easy to update Android!)

Or still yet, if you’re a paranoid type like me, you could always simply refuse to use Google Wallet altogether, or even for that matter, refuse to use an Android device in the first place…. use an iPhone instead. After all, security experts consider it to be a far better and more secure platform than any other out there, including Android.

Update: Gizmodo mentions Google Wallet is hacked again. Now compromised non-rooted phones. Video by The Smart Phone Champ:


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