Product Branding: RIM Just Doesn’t Get It

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
By OP Editor

What company adds copyright, trademark symbols, and a link to self promote an unpopular product?

RIM product branding fail

Thomas Ricker noted the default email signature of the Playbook:

RIM took a year to add an email app to its failing BlackBerry Playbook tablet, and copying iPhone signature poorly is the best branding exercise it can think of?

It’ll have the same impact as: “Sent from my BlackBerry BeBold LameBook“, as most fortune 500 companies already adopted the iPad and iPad 2 in the past 2 years. Even the Batmobile has an iPad.

Apple first started using “Sent from my iPhone” in 2007 when it was novel. Even today, some Chinese people are willing to pay a $1 per month fee to add the iconic signature.

There is no such interest for RIM products. At least there are no Playbook with mobile data connection for carrier to inject their own branding.


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2 Responses to “Product Branding: RIM Just Doesn’t Get It”

  1. theclassicneil

    You do realize that Apple does the same things with their products. By default emails always end with “Sent from my iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch” Why are you criticizing RIM for doing once what Apple ALWAYS does?

    But since you guys won’t get your lips off of Steve Jobs’ dick I guess this thought doesn’t matter to you does it?

    • No need to be rude.

      1. The article already mentioned it.
      2. It’s not the same because RIM added 3 things: ™, ® and a link. Apple did not include such silly things.


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