Samsung Copies 2008 iPhone 3G Design [SameSung]

Sunday, January 8, 2012
By OP Editor

The latest Android phone from the Korean company that slavishly copies Apple.

2012 Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus copies 2008 Apple iPhone 3G

Noted by Cult of Mac “Samsung Is Now Shamelessly Ripping Off The Design Of The 4+ Year Old iPhone 3G”.

The new 2012 Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus looks “a bit” similar to the 2008 iPhone 3G. Surely it’s just a coincidence (at least that’s what the Android enthusiasts would want to believe). Well, let’s see, surely Samsung didn’t copy Apple:


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3 Responses to “Samsung Copies 2008 iPhone 3G Design [SameSung]”

  1. Don

    Samsung and Google are beginning to make Microsoft look totally innocent!

  2. elix545

    The Design have differences, the camera, the camera flash, the main button design, the border curve and the back curve, the speaker, the position of logo and trademark, on the software usually every designer using icon as rounded square on apple, this a preference for every developer, the main OS icons of the ares different on both phone.


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