Prototype: Run iPad Apps on Apple TV with MobileX [video]

Sunday, January 1, 2012
By OP Editor

Jailbroken Apple TV runs iPad apps, not AirPlay. BONUS: how it works.

MobileX iPad apps on Apple TV

Video: MobileX Run iPad apps on Apple TV

This video by @stroughtonsmith demos MobileX built by @TheMudkip running on jailbreaked Apple TV. Demoed with Facebook, Maps, Safari and YouTube iPad apps running in 1280×720. Not 1024×768 (AirPlay mirroring). The apps are controlled with keyboard and mouse / trackpad. Cursor can also be controlled by an apple remote.

Currently a “massive app”, and not available to the public.

How MobileX Works

ObamaPacman notes this does not mean the Apple TV is running iPad apps by itself.

The video does not mention that the Apple TV is running iPad apps from iPad. But since it mentions VNC, it means that Apple TV is connected through another device. Besides, Apple TV does not have bluetooth, so the keyboard and trackpad are probably connected to the iPad, and the image remotely displayed on Apple TV.


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4 Responses to “Prototype: Run iPad Apps on Apple TV with MobileX [video]”

  1. Alisha

    Actually, Apple TV does have bluetooth. And these apps are running directly on the Apple TV, not from an iPad.

    • Oh interesting. Thanks Alisha.

      Bluetooth is not listed on the specs page but looks like the hardware is there but not activated

    • Alisha

      Yeah, these guys are hackers, I think enabling bluetooth on the device was probably much easier than some of the other things they did. Your article is misleading, these apps are not running of of an iPad. VNC and SSH are being used only as a way to communicate with the Apple TV.

  2. I guess the question is why would they need VNC if it’s running straight on Apple TV? Their video didn’t explain.


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