iPhone Users Got Samsunged!?

Monday, January 23, 2012
By OP Editor

Samsung Android phone ad makes fun of Apple fans and touts its built in turn by turn navigation.

Samsunged iPhone ad fail

Video: Samsunged

Samsung recreated a fake Apple Store to make this ad.

Of course, Samsung pretends that the marking leading Apple App Store doesn’t exist. The ad ignores navigation app options such as the free MapQuest app [App Store], which were available on iPhone long before Samsung started copying the iPhone.

Samsung didn’t mention its lack of software and security updates, nor the short battery life for its Android phones. Samsung doesn’t have Siri either. And of course, the Samsung phone display quality is so bad, it had to “simulate” the screen image.


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3 Responses to “iPhone Users Got Samsunged!?”

  1. Not to say Samsung’s screens aren’t bad, but most commercials simulate screen images, even some iPhone comercials have used simulated screens.

    • Macdaddy

      true true. Good point. Pros n cons to oblivion!

    • Almost all Apple commercials are made with the real product displays. Apple notes if the scenes are cut for illustration purposes, but they are of real products.

      It’s a huge difference than the fake CGI using Samsung commercials.


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