iBooks Author: Create Interactive Books [Download]

Thursday, January 19, 2012
By OP Editor

Apple releasing new Mac App made for easy creation of interactive book / textbooks. Download here.

iBooks Author

“Traditionally, creating electronics interactive books has been really hard.” – Apple.

To open up the publishing industry like how it opened the mobile software industry, Apple unveiled iBooks Author:

  • Works like iWork (which already has ePub export capability)
  • Can import Microsoft Word document
  • Keynote integration


If you’ve ever been involved in making ebooks before “you know that this is a total miracle in terms of timesavings”

Instead of expensive authoring tool that costs hundreds to thousands of dollars, iBooks Author will be free. Available today on Mac App Store. Download iBooks Author for Mac.


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One Response to “iBooks Author: Create Interactive Books [Download]”

  1. Don

    Wow, now this looks interesting, and something that I might like to get involved in myself, since I studied creative writing in Connecticut a million years ago! But not today, of course, since I’m sick and can barely write my name on a piece of paper.


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