Comparison: Samsung Shamelessly Plagiarizes Apple Ad, Uses Same Actress [SameSung]

Monday, January 2, 2012
By OP Editor

Samsung copies two Apple ads and steals an actress, sets a new low with latest unoriginal parroting.

Samsung shamelessly steals Apple iPhone ad actress

Video: Samsung Galaxy Tab Commercial, December 2011

Samsung’s new Samsung Galaxy Tab ad copied Apple so much, it uses the same child actress from the Apple iPhone 4S ad. The actress copying was noticed by Cheryl Lindo Jones on Google+ (via 9to5Mac). Samsung has pulled the original ad from its youtube channel, perhaps due to ridicules.

Apple iPhone 4S ad below for comparison.

Video: Apple iPhone 4S Ad, October 2011

Here are some comparisons of Samsung ad vs. Apple ad:

Samsung copies Apple iPhone ad

Samsung plagiarizes iPhone ad

Samsung copies Apple iPhone ad, uses same actress

The Samsung Ad also steals the dinosaur and bed elements from the Apple iPad 2 ad:

Video: Apple iPad 2 Ad, November 2011

Samsung copies Apple iPad ad

Samsung plagiarizes Apple iPad commercial

Surely it’s just coincidences. Let’s see:

What’s next? Hiring fake Steve Jobs for product introduction? From the pace of Samsung’s shameless stealing, it might happen this year.


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4 Responses to “Comparison: Samsung Shamelessly Plagiarizes Apple Ad, Uses Same Actress [SameSung]”

  1. Don

    When it comes to being low, Samsung is high up on the list!

  2. Macdaddy

    It’s Don! Man of the hour! Or bot!

  3. Kevi

    Does not every phone ever use this sort of comersials


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