Apple Unveils iBooks 2 at Guggenheim with $15 Interactive Textbooks

Thursday, January 19, 2012
By OP Editor

Major textbook publishers are onboard. High school books $14.99 OR LESS!

Phil Schiller Apple Education Event 2012 January

Apple introduced iBook 2 at the Guggenheim:

  • Interactive books with, 3D models, videos, multi-touch
  • Portrait / landscape layout
  • Easy table of content, glossary, and linked articles
  • Interactive review questions
  • $15 for high school books

Available later today on the App Store. Seems to be modeled after the highly rated Al Gore’s iPad exclusive interactive book, “Our Choice”.

iBooks 2 interactive textbook

Light weight. Better than the traditional textbooks made from trees:

Heavy textbooks, Apple iBooks 2 event

Publisher Support of iBooks Textbooks

Like the 2003 iTunes Music Store launch with music label support, Apple’s 2012 iBooks textbook launch has support from a number of publishers. Some have been working with Apple since 2010 launch of iPad and the original iBooks App for iOS:

  • McGraw-Hill: Algebra, Biology, Chemistry books, etc.
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • E.O Wilson Biodiversity Foundation
  • Pearson PLC
  • DK publishing: Kid’s booksFirst chapters of “Life on Earth” are available now, for free.

via Verge


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