RIM CEO Lazaridis Contradicts 2011 Q3 Financials Press Release

Friday, December 2, 2011
By OP Editor

RIM announced that it lost $485 million in 2011 Q3 due to its pointless PlayBook tablet. But how is its Q4 outlook?

RIM CEO Lazaridis 2011 Q3 financials press release

Mike Lazaridis, Co-CEO at Research In Motion announced in press release:

“Early results from recent PlayBook promotions indicate a significant increase in demand across most channels.”

However, just one paragraph down, the RIM press release notes different expectation that the CEO’s words. Shipment for the holiday quarter, a time when most companies post record sales:

RIM expects unit shipments in the fourth quarter to be below third quarter levels.

Looking at the history of three generations of RIM vaporware, it’s not the first time Lazaridis is wrong. But at least they are finally selling a tablet.

Here are the facts about Playbook shipment into channel inventory: Q1 500,000, Q2 250,000, Q3 150,000. That surely shows the “increase in demand”. In strong contrast of under-one-million RIM tablet “shipped” to channel inventory over 3 quarters, Apple sold 11.12 million iPad in the most recent quarter.


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2 Responses to “RIM CEO Lazaridis Contradicts 2011 Q3 Financials Press Release”

  1. Don

    So much for the Playbook being the so-called iPad killer that many, including RIM, said that it would be!


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