Never Forgot Your iDevice Again Thanks To ZOMM’s Wireless Leash!

Friday, December 9, 2011
By Don Williams

ZOMM wireless iPhone leash

Just what us dummies, you know people like me, need…. a wireless cord that will remind you not to forget to leave your precious iDevice behind. Yes sir, I’m always forgetting to remember things and ZOMM’s new wireless leash is a must have.

The Wireless Leash looks rather like a little hockey puck that you clip onto your key chain, and then just more-or-less forget about, until that is you get up and go without your precious iDevice in tow! If you do that, and I hope you don’t, but if you do ZOMM’s Wireless Leash will start bitching until you realize that your about to leave without your precious with you. Frankly, I could use such a Blue-Tooth tethered device as I’m one of the most absent minded dummies I know.

According to ZOMM’s site, the Wireless Leash offers these benefits:

  • Geo-tag places or things to remember where they are
  • Check out the last known location of items via a map
  • Get alerted on your device before you lose your keys

We all forgot now-and-then, so the $80 and up price of the Wireless Leash is well worth it if helps prevent you from loosing a much more valuable device like an iPhone or an iPad in the first place, so check out the video below of the Wireless Leash in action:

Editor’s note: The Bluetooth speakerphone and key fob works with their free iOS app on [App Store]. We at ObamaPacman also recommend you set up the free Find my iPhone / iDevice service from Apple iCloud.

Photo Via: Engadget


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