Mac Entrepreneur Uses Baking Tray to Boost Wi-Fi Signal

Saturday, December 24, 2011
By OP Editor

How to improve wireless internet signal using a simple kitchen tool.

DIY Baking Tray Wi-FI antenna signal booster

Forget wardriving. From a boat, Peter Cochrane of describes how he improved low wifi and low cellular data reception. He was “surrounded by water” so he improvised Macgyver style:

A visit to the galley turns up a much-used baking tray. A few simple experiments later and I’m able to locate the direction of the 2.5G base station and the strongest wi-fi signal.

It seems that he put the tray behind the wifi antenna, to beam the signal to one direction. And supposedly it works. (Celebrate by singing I’m on a boat parody).

Hope that boat doesn’t move. If this wacky method does not work, you could built / buy a parabolic reflector or high gain directional antenna [$99 with USB].


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One Response to “Mac Entrepreneur Uses Baking Tray to Boost Wi-Fi Signal”

  1. WirelessinOhio

    Thanks! This really helped my reception. At present, I’m using a stainless steel mixing bowl that’s about 5″ in diameter. Is there a better configuration and metal? Would aluminum work better? Would a larger size work better?


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