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Tuesday, December 6, 2011
By OP Editor

Surprise, surprise. Kindle Fire, the netbook of tablets offers poor user experience due to poor software and hardware design.

Kindle Fire Android tablet usability Facebook too small

Kindle Fire Usability Findings (via DF):

The most striking observation from testing the Fire is that everything is much too small on the screen, leading to frequent tap errors and accidental activation. You haven’t seen the fat-finger problem in its full glory until you’ve watched users struggle to touch things on the Fire. One poor guy spent several minutes trying to log in to Facebook, but was repeatedly foiled by accidentally touching the wrong field or button — this on a page with only 2 text fields and 1 button.

Other examples include the obvious: 7″ display too small for desktop sites, and too big for mobile sits. Same problem for magazines. We covered earlier in the Kindle Fire good, bad, & ugly analysis.

At least those who got the wrong tablet can take Kindle Fire screenshot with easy 22 steps.


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