iPhone / iPad Christmas Apps (with Videos)

Thursday, December 15, 2011
By Don Williams

iPhone Digital Christmas Choir

Ok, even though some people, maybe even you, might think of the current holidays as being nothing but ‘humbug’, you’ll at least have to admit that the video above is kind of cute. It’s a Christmas choir comprised of some 64 iPhones singing their little hearts, or integrated circuits, out.

And, as Gizmodo said yesterday, they are not bad, not that bad at all! No, I don’t think for one minute that any of them sound quite as good as Helene Fischer or Susan Boyle or anything, but these iPhones just happen to sport some of the cutest faces that you’ll ever see on any phone and they have the ability to melt the coldest heart when singing ‘Deck the Halls’.

[Editor's note: The video by advertising agency Ignited USA is no North Point Christmas concert. It's not one app, but the iPhone choir seems to be made with various iOS talking apps (we did a review on a talking cupid app awhile ago), then combined together in post production.]

Christmas iPhone / iPad Apps

Bauble iPhone Christmas ornaments app

Below we have an app called Bauble [$0.99] that puts Christmas ornaments on your phone, if that’s what your into, that is:

Some are saying, that at least as far as 2010 went, the Super Dance Elf Christmas with Friends [$0.99] app below was the ultimate best. It is an app which allows you to create cute little Christmas dancers by allowing you to affix or use pretty much any photo that you want (requires same app to view):

Christmas Surprise [$0.99 but not updated since 2009], seen below, is another cute little app that is sure to delight the hearts of children everywhere, regardless of their age too, so check it out below:

And now for a simple and crazy little game, Doodle Jump Christmas [$0.99 Universal], seen below:

When it comes to Christmas iPhone apps, and you just happen to be the main Santa in your house, you might appreciate the following Santa List [$1.99] App that can help you keep a list of all those who have been ‘naughty-and-good’:


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One Response to “iPhone / iPad Christmas Apps (with Videos)”

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