High Resolution iPhone 4S Mockup + iOS 5 GUI PSD Download

Sunday, December 11, 2011
By OP Editor

Full size retina iPhone 4S / 4 layered Photoshop mockup. 21MB download for developers and web designers.

High Resolution iPhone 4S PSD Download

iPhone 4S mockup PSD download

From the maker of high resolution iPhone 4 GUI, this Photoshop document contains mockup of high resolution White iPhone 4S, Black iPhone 4S, screen glare, notification center, alerts, other iOS GUI elements.

Download the new iPhone 4S PSD: 21MB from teehanlax.

Teehanlax talked about how much iOS 5 was changed from iOS 4:

I’m not talking about the obvious stuff like iCloud, Siri or Notifications. I’m talking about the small stuff. It’s an eye-opening experience looking this closely at what makes up an interface.

Previously, Stam Design also noticed subtle iOS 5 differences. P.S. Don’t let copycat Samsung know.

How to: Select Photoshop Layer with Mouse

ObamaPacman pro tip on: how to select the right layer in photoshop with your mouse. It’s not quite a keyboard shortcut but pretty easy:

How to Select Photoshop Layer with Mouse

1. Choose “Move” tool (keyboard shortcut: V)
2. Check “Auto-Select” and choose Layer or Group as desired (layer shown)

Once that’s set, click on different Photoshop elements to select the layer. You probably want to uncheck the auto-select tool after you are done.


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