Google Android Director Presented Misleading Chart

Thursday, December 15, 2011
By OP Editor

Last month, Jamie Rosenberg, Google director for digital content for Android, presented this slide to the press.

Android director presentation math fail

What’s the problem?

Video: Google Director Math Fail

Around 3:45 of this November 2011 video, the Google director showed the above slide and noted the following for worldwide Android activation:

  • 100 Million in May 2011
  • 200 Million in November 2011
  • 550,000 new devices every day (Michael DeGusta points out that activations are stagnate at the same 550,000 announced on the July 14, 2011 Google Earnings Call)

The problem is, the graph scale doesn’t make sense. Google plotted the larger dot at a height of 800 million, instead of 200 million.

Misleading Android devices chart fail

So, the question now is, how many Google engineers and executives reviewed the presentation? And not a single person caught this “mistake”? Perhaps Google is trying to copying the dishonest Fox News charts?

PS. Apple sold 250 million iOS devices as of October 2011.


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6 Responses to “Google Android Director Presented Misleading Chart”

  1. Don Williams

    Nothing that Google does surprises me, nothing!

  2. You are hating on the presentation when it is the pretty much just the data that matters?

  3. Matt Cutts

    It is impossible for Google to have lied. Our corporate culture is such that we cannot lie, and this goes way back to when our dear leaders founded Google.


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