Android Open to Keylogger, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Admits

Friday, December 9, 2011
By OP Editor

Android openness welcomes all, privacy be damned.

Android openly pooping Carrier IQ data

Reuters (via Gruber) reports that Eric Schmidt called Android version of Carrier IQ a key-logger:

“Android is an open platform, so it’s possible for people to build software that’s actually not very good for you, and this appears to be one.”

“It’s a key-logger, and it actually does keep your keystrokes, and we certainly don’t work with them and we certainly don’t support it.”

Translation: key-logger CAN be built into Android, as long as it doesn’t affect Android’s real customers – Google advertisers.

In contrast, Carrier IQ on iOS does NOT contain keylogger, and is OFF by default. Apple also promised iOS 5 Stopped Supporting Carrier IQ. Google made no such promises to respect Android user privacy at this time.


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One Response to “Android Open to Keylogger, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Admits”

  1. Don

    One thing Eric wouldn’t answer was the question on whether Android copied iOS. He totally went out of his way to evade the question. In other words: he knows Android is quilty of IP theft!


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